Thanks so much for ALL OF THE hard work that YOU DO!!  I SOOOOOO appreciate all the effort that comes into arranging and composing the accompaniments for our beloved students, and the way that you treated my little kiddos at the “meet the conductor” night was first class!  I am really looking forward to the concert it will be a night “my kids” and I will never forget!
Debra Krol ,October, 2014
BC Registered Music Teacher

My dear Paula,
I really am gifted with neither sufficient rhetoric nor adequate oratory to convey to you my sentiments regarding the superb concert you and your musicians afforded us. But I offer this heartfelt encomium.
The concert defies all superlatives. From the first note to the last chord I was transported to heights of enjoyment I never though possible on this side of heaven. It was flawless and delightful. Every member of both the orchestra and choir put forth a splendid effort.
One of the many features of your sterling performance came after the intermission (which gave us time to ingest as it were the rich diet of the first half) was the nature of the second half. I felt that instead of Chilliwack having gone to the Symphony, it was  the Symphony that had come to Chilliwack and met us on our own terms to prove to us that Symphony is for the common people and not the exclusive domain of the starchy world that has kept it captive far too long. “I mean after all you know…a ruddy squashbox on a symphonic stage! What on earth has come over us??!!” one can almost hear them say.  Yet I know that new ground was broken last evening and symphony concerts for me will have to possess the self-same elements in future. And, it was so neatly done by your good self and that amazing young conductor who drew the audience in so gently.
My only objection is that the concert did not go on for ever. Which is a good thing for such a rich dose of pleasure could be impossible for other concerts to beat later…and I am persuaded you have other magic up you enchanted sleeves.
Lastly, accolades of the most sincere expression to the musicians for their delicate treatment and their flawless presentation of the works of the composers. I am convinced they, the composers, are all well ensconced in paradise and are still smiling upon the members of the orchestra….. not to forget their director and conductor…of course and naturally Jove!!
In all it was a tonic to anyone who loves good music and song. That choir deserves a general pat on the back…wonderful songers to the last one.
With sincere congratulations and good wishes for future performances,
Tony Stander, May 27, 2014
Thank you, Paula, for this exceptional concert!!  All your hard work and creativity in putting it together is very much appreciated.  It was an honour, and a pleasure, to be a member of the Chilliwack Chorus.  The talent presented at “Voices” was of an extremely high calibre and our community is very fortunate to have someone with your tremendous ability to put it all together.
April 1, 2012

I need to tell you how much I enjoyed the concert last night.  One exciting act was followed by more and more and more……….
You have the vision to see what is needed, to organize what needs to be organized, and the ability to know when you need to get your hands dirty – as in Saturday morning when you were significantly in charge.
Congratulations and thanks for your presence.
Gerry Wood1 April 2012

 “It is with great pleasure that I write an endorsement of Paula DeWit. Over the years that I have played in her orchestra under her directorship, she has struck me as being not only very well organized, a clear and energetic conductor, but also very personable with the musicians she leads. She is a real pleasure to work for and gets high results, from orchestra and choir members alike, who want to put on the very best performances possible, to reflect her enthusiasm and kindness. Everyone who meets Paula loves her and feels an absolute joy to work for and with her.” January 31, 2012
Martina Smazal, Musician, Freelance Violist and Violinist

“I have a been a member of the Chilliwack Symphony choir for a couple of years, and it has been a delight to see Paula’s development as an independent woman, an energetic conductor and her talents as a musical director. It is a pleasure and honor to work with her and I think her best musical days are still yet to come” January 8, 2012
Jos MoermanCEO, Mount Lehman Greenhouses and Sunnyside Greenhouses

“I have enjoyed working as a colleague with Paula in the Lions Gate Sinfonia. Music making is always challenging our role as contributor as a soloist (individual) and ensemble member (team player). Paula is very committed to being a team player, traveling a great distance to be part of this group, and is a very positive force within the ensemble. With her growing interest in conducting, it is inspiring to see her often following her copy of the score in addition to her own part – a reminder that we are all a contributor to a greater entirety.” January 4, 2012
Jeremy Berkman, Principal Trombonist, Lions Gate Sinfonia

“As Chairman of CSO&C, over the past 4 years I have seen Paula work effectively with a diverse group of “volunteer” and “paid” musicians and singers to produce a number of professional performances for our Chilliwack patrons. She has maintained a passionate, professional, caring and focused approach to her work that has provided the Chilliwack Orchestra & Chorus (CSO&C) with a high quality profile in the community.
Paula also has designed a number of outstanding posters and advertisements for the promotion of our concerts, and continues to be our liaison with the “Media” in our area.
Sincerely,Nigel Lenie” January 4, 2012
Nigel LennieChair, CSO&C

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Paula for several years. She has always been professional and thoroughly prepared for any project. She is an excellent conductor, trumpet player and manager. Paula is a delight to collaborate with.” January 4, 2012 
Lars KaarioMusic Dept: Choral & Conducting Professor, Capilano University

“A very talented musician and a fine conductor, who excels in organizational skills, having founded and directed the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and 3 associated choruses. Detail oriented and extremely patient with non-professional singers, getting good results from them in performance.” January 3, 2012
Ron Hannah, Student, U. of Alberta – worked directly with Paula at Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

“Paula is passionate about music and providing quality performances to the residents of Chilliwack. Her skills as a Music Director and Conductor are evident to everyone who has ever worked under her direction. We are so fortunate to have someone with her ‘forward way of thinking’ bringing music of such high caliber to our community.” January 3, 2012
Joldie HayesMarketing, Sales & Event Specialist, Tourism Chilliwack

“Paula is very passionate about her music and her work and carries the characteristic throughout her dealings with both the orchestra and choir. She has an excellent ability to pull many different aspects of productions together to successful conclusions, and has very good networking skills. She has a truly inspiring vision of creating aesthetic beauty through the cultivation and collaboration of the skills of the members of her groups as well as building a sense of community and pride throughout the process.” January 3, 2012
Judeth Rietveld, Music Therapist/Oboist, Self Employed – music therapist/musician

“I have worked with Paula as a fellow musician and have had the pleasure of playing with her as an orchestral conductor. She is both engaging and passionate in her approach to music making. It is always a delight to share the stage with Paula!” January 3, 2012
Mary Backun, Principal Clarinet, Lions Gate Sinfonia